Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review for Naughtinano by OhMiBod

The naughtinano comes in a stylish box with a life-size picture of the toy and is available in 4 different colors based off the 3rd generation iPod Nano. After opening the box, parts galore can be seen. There is the toy itself, the splitter, two end caps, 6 N-3 batteries and a pink velvet drawstring pouch to store everything in. Picking up the toy and running my fingers over its elegant curves has my heart beating. This fiesty little toy measures 6 and a half inches though only 4 are insertable; its diameter is 1 inch at its widest making it easy to slip in and have fun. Athough plastic, it has a soft velvety feel to it that has me in awe. And for all my allergic friends, this toy is Hypoallergenic. To see more of its safety features check out the Material/Texture category under the overview.

The assembly of the parts seems the most confusing. After placing two N-3 batteries inside, one of the two end caps must be chosen. One end cap is for connecting the toy to a music device and the other is for manual vibrations without use of a music device. I select the cap for music. (Please wash all toys before use!) Followed by this I take out the splitter which is a long white converter cord with two jacks and a socket. One jack goes into the toy and the other goes into my iPod (The naughtinano will work with any music playing device, and actually has no affiliation with Apple, though its creator, Suki, used to work for Apple which is way it seems more aimed for iPods). Then I plug in my head phones to the socket and start searching through my music library.
It takes me a while to find an upbeat song to listen to, but after careful selection I pick “Kiss me” by Sixpence None the Richer. In my hand I feel my naughtinano start buzzing along with the song.(Ohmibod recommends using a volume level of 75% for best results, though I find using the click wheel to change the volume up and down to be fun as well) My moist nether regions tighten at the prospect of this sexy ,curvy toy entering. I let it slide over my clitoris as the erratic buzzing makes my mind melt. Before I know it, the short 3 min song is over and the next song that comes on from my shuffle is “Dangerous” by Kardinal Offishall. Its heavier beat has the toy really buzzing in my grasp now. I let the toy slip inside and let this new song rock my world.

Reaching climax within a few songs after “Dangerous” I am left with a complete mess, which is where I find one of its biggest downfalls. If you are pretty careful about not pushing the end cap inside, then this doesn’t really apply. But in my moments of heat I find myself rapidly pushing and the cap goes in sporadically. There isn’t really a seal to prevent liquids from going under the cap, and though I found only small amounts to enter, this is a big concern. It is so vitally important to not only clean the toy after use, but to also take off the end cap and clean under it. Make sure that no liquids remain on any metal parts since this causes corrosion. Ohmibod recommends using soapy water for cleaning. Despite this, I found this toy to be very unique and a must have for music lovers.

A few side notes; this toy is not meant for anal use and none is its parts are water proof, so don’t take it in the shower or bath with you.
I haven’t really researched through many of the types of music genres since I mostly have pop and rock on my iPod, but Ohmibod has a part of its website dedicated for user submitted playlists/ songs that work really well with their line of toys called Club Vibe. I also haven’t used the other cap more than once. It seemed too predictable after using it with music, but it is nice to have when your music player is dead.

Ohmibod also has other versions of vibrators similar to the naughtinano, one of which is the Freestyle sporting a wireless system!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thinking causes dildos

Ah, how I've missed you bloggers! Its been a tad bit of time and I finally decided to write another blog. Are you as excited as I am? You better be or I'll come find you and you will be all like "Whoa, you know where I live" and I'll be like "Frick yeah I do" and then I will probably lose all courage and just let you tell me how awesome I am :)

Well I've been thinking about this for a while. I was talking back to my dorm from a dinning hall bymself and only had my thoughts to occupy me. Well needless to say, I thought up some weird crap and I thought I should do the blogging world a service and share it with you. Well, here it goes.. inside my head:

"So I was totally riding this pony and it was so much fun. And then suddenly it turned into a unicorn and I was like 'wow' and the unicorn was like 'totally' and then I was like 'wait, you're not a really unicorn' and the unicorn was like 'uh, I so man'.

So I was like "but there is a dildo on your head' and I totally took it off and the pony stopped running. The pony got all mad and wanted its dildo back but it was mine now. So I started making fun of the pony because, in all honesty, what else would I do? Come on...

So I got thrown off the stupid pony's back. Well, it wasn't until then that I realized that the dildo was a magic dildo and I could wish for anything that I wanted! So I wished for a real unicorn. And then a real unicorn appeared and I was riding the unicorn until I realized that it wasn't really a unicorn, it was another stupid pony with a dildo on its head. So I took the dildo off and the pony got all mad at me and we started fighting. The pony got its dildo back and suddenly I realized that the dildos allowed whoever held them to hear and share thoughts with others who had one. So I was dogging the pony out about being a lame pony and not good enough to be a unicorn. "

In my head it continued with a childish banter of uh huh and not uh.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Lifestyles three-pack of assorted flavor condoms.3 flavored latex condomsLatex condom with a printed tuxedo designUltra thin latex condoms

Hello my fellow bloggers!

I am here to talk a bit about condoms. Oh how we love them! It is one of the most used forms of protection, but there seem to be SO many of them! I tried to find different kinds of condoms on Eden Fantasys but unfortunately, I didn't really see many different ones. I have seen quite a few out there and to be honest, have only tried so many. Don't you think its lame that a fairly inexperienced girl is writing a blog mainly on sex? Me too, but I don't care.

So here is my opinion about condoms because I know you are just dying to know. I think condoms are pretty awesome. There are ones that taste like fruits and ones that glow in the dark. Some are ribbed and some are super thin. But today I found out that they break pretty easily.

I was getting it on with my LD lover, via phone, and was using my naughtibod by omibod (check my first blog for a link to it) and I always find the cleaning a pain. So my brilliant idea was to tie a condom onto it. Of course my lover advised me not to and did I listen? No way! Well within two minutes of opening up the condom I'd ripped it. And what better to do with a broken condom but play with it. Well shortly after I wrapped it over my big toe, I watched it fling across my room. Needless to say I flung three different parts of this broken condom in three directions.

Hmm... that really wasn't the best of ideas.

Now I am under the assumption that people.... I mean you.... can post comments, so if you read this I am requiring you to comment and tell me what sort of sex protection you use.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Men Shouldn't Fear the Plastic Penis

Ahh, my second post and I already feel like a blogger. I feel so excited about blogging yet I can't quite figure out what I should say. It was recently brought to my attention that some men fear the plastic penis. The nearly godly devices that seem to make men look at their pecker and feel inadequate. I think I would too seeing these massive, always hard, there whenever you desire, vibrating, sex toys as something to fear. However, I have good news for you men! You can stop fearing the plastic penis and start fearing the plastic vagina. Because if these vibrators get any more sophisticated, women won't want to have sex for any reason other than possibly for reproduction. Which if there are any toys like the Squirting Dildos out there can take frozen sperm or something high tech like that, men are doomed!

But really men, there isn't anything to actually fear. Sex toys are as stimulating as porn just more physically. Also, not all sex toys are as big as what you may think. A lot of women do like duel vibrating toys like the rabbit or its variations, but those toys comes in a lot of different sizes. For me personally I prefer something a bit smaller so I tend to buy bullets (Current average length of my toys is about 4 inches, which if you are smaller than that, you have your own problems :P ).

I think its most important to get to know your partner and communicate about sex. And who knows, maybe she'll have you use the toys on her, and then have you ravish her sexually needing body!

Below are some pretty cool sex toys that are aimed for couples. Embrace the plastic penis, and explore the realm of sex toys!

Love swing to experience hundreds of combinations of positions for one or two peopleLeather cock ring with snap closure and removable bullet.Futurotic material penis sleeveWaterproof plastic bullet vibrator with multiple functions.Flexible, silicone, multifunctional G-spot vibrator with magnetic charger.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toys from Eden Fantasys

MP3 enabled vibratorSoft butterfly teaser sleeve with vibrating bulletThe super-slim jack rabbit vibe with 7 infinite levels of clitoral vibration, pulsation, escalation.Realistic VixSkin silicone dildo.Waterproof traditional vibrator with satin-smooth texture and enlarged tipVitamin E enriched water-based toy cleaner.

Hey !

My name is Heather and welcome to my blog, well sorta. I probably became super famous from another one of my posts and now you are just reading this one to get to know me better. I can see through you wicked ways! Though I feel honored to have someone.... you.... reading this :)

I don't really know what to post about quite yet, thank god there is google! So I decided to pimp out probably the most amazing sex toy stores ever! I am truly in love with this site and you should be too... Well I suppose if you're into that sort of thing. Though I imagine you'd have to be since there are pretty sex toys at the top of this post and they are kinda hard to ignore.

Scroll your mouse over the pictures above to get a description, if you decide you like any of them or want to learn more about them, click on the picture and it will take you to the site. There you will find amazing reviews from people who actually get paid to write about these toys! They are an amazing group of people and I'm not saying that because I'm part of that group but because... well.. ooo shiny penny.

Well, just to give you a preview, I will be posting my reviews of sex toys on here in the future so be warned! Unless you are reading my posts backwards and already knew that... goddamn you! jk?

-Sexy Panda HB-