Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Men Shouldn't Fear the Plastic Penis

Ahh, my second post and I already feel like a blogger. I feel so excited about blogging yet I can't quite figure out what I should say. It was recently brought to my attention that some men fear the plastic penis. The nearly godly devices that seem to make men look at their pecker and feel inadequate. I think I would too seeing these massive, always hard, there whenever you desire, vibrating, sex toys as something to fear. However, I have good news for you men! You can stop fearing the plastic penis and start fearing the plastic vagina. Because if these vibrators get any more sophisticated, women won't want to have sex for any reason other than possibly for reproduction. Which if there are any toys like the Squirting Dildos out there can take frozen sperm or something high tech like that, men are doomed!

But really men, there isn't anything to actually fear. Sex toys are as stimulating as porn just more physically. Also, not all sex toys are as big as what you may think. A lot of women do like duel vibrating toys like the rabbit or its variations, but those toys comes in a lot of different sizes. For me personally I prefer something a bit smaller so I tend to buy bullets (Current average length of my toys is about 4 inches, which if you are smaller than that, you have your own problems :P ).

I think its most important to get to know your partner and communicate about sex. And who knows, maybe she'll have you use the toys on her, and then have you ravish her sexually needing body!

Below are some pretty cool sex toys that are aimed for couples. Embrace the plastic penis, and explore the realm of sex toys!

Love swing to experience hundreds of combinations of positions for one or two peopleLeather cock ring with snap closure and removable bullet.Futurotic material penis sleeveWaterproof plastic bullet vibrator with multiple functions.Flexible, silicone, multifunctional G-spot vibrator with magnetic charger.