Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thinking causes dildos

Ah, how I've missed you bloggers! Its been a tad bit of time and I finally decided to write another blog. Are you as excited as I am? You better be or I'll come find you and you will be all like "Whoa, you know where I live" and I'll be like "Frick yeah I do" and then I will probably lose all courage and just let you tell me how awesome I am :)

Well I've been thinking about this for a while. I was talking back to my dorm from a dinning hall bymself and only had my thoughts to occupy me. Well needless to say, I thought up some weird crap and I thought I should do the blogging world a service and share it with you. Well, here it goes.. inside my head:

"So I was totally riding this pony and it was so much fun. And then suddenly it turned into a unicorn and I was like 'wow' and the unicorn was like 'totally' and then I was like 'wait, you're not a really unicorn' and the unicorn was like 'uh, I so man'.

So I was like "but there is a dildo on your head' and I totally took it off and the pony stopped running. The pony got all mad and wanted its dildo back but it was mine now. So I started making fun of the pony because, in all honesty, what else would I do? Come on...

So I got thrown off the stupid pony's back. Well, it wasn't until then that I realized that the dildo was a magic dildo and I could wish for anything that I wanted! So I wished for a real unicorn. And then a real unicorn appeared and I was riding the unicorn until I realized that it wasn't really a unicorn, it was another stupid pony with a dildo on its head. So I took the dildo off and the pony got all mad at me and we started fighting. The pony got its dildo back and suddenly I realized that the dildos allowed whoever held them to hear and share thoughts with others who had one. So I was dogging the pony out about being a lame pony and not good enough to be a unicorn. "

In my head it continued with a childish banter of uh huh and not uh.

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