Saturday, February 20, 2010


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Hello my fellow bloggers!

I am here to talk a bit about condoms. Oh how we love them! It is one of the most used forms of protection, but there seem to be SO many of them! I tried to find different kinds of condoms on Eden Fantasys but unfortunately, I didn't really see many different ones. I have seen quite a few out there and to be honest, have only tried so many. Don't you think its lame that a fairly inexperienced girl is writing a blog mainly on sex? Me too, but I don't care.

So here is my opinion about condoms because I know you are just dying to know. I think condoms are pretty awesome. There are ones that taste like fruits and ones that glow in the dark. Some are ribbed and some are super thin. But today I found out that they break pretty easily.

I was getting it on with my LD lover, via phone, and was using my naughtibod by omibod (check my first blog for a link to it) and I always find the cleaning a pain. So my brilliant idea was to tie a condom onto it. Of course my lover advised me not to and did I listen? No way! Well within two minutes of opening up the condom I'd ripped it. And what better to do with a broken condom but play with it. Well shortly after I wrapped it over my big toe, I watched it fling across my room. Needless to say I flung three different parts of this broken condom in three directions.

Hmm... that really wasn't the best of ideas.

Now I am under the assumption that people.... I mean you.... can post comments, so if you read this I am requiring you to comment and tell me what sort of sex protection you use.

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  1. I have sex with my gf from a distance of 1,100 miles, which seems to be safe, but not as pleasurable. When I am actually with my lover, I use condoms.